MAX~POWER Hauler & Hands Free Dualler plates - Prawn And Crab Fishing Has Never Been Easier!    

Electric Trap hauler

Prawn & Crab Fishing Has Never Been Easier With New MAX POWER!

  • No More handling hundreds, thousands feet of rope.
  • No More aching arms, hands, elbow and shoulders.
  • No More or less painful arthritis of pulling rope.
  • No More rope lines scattering, running on the deck.
  • No More tangling rope when putting the trap back in the water.
  • No More getting wet. You can now stay warm and dry while your traps are being pulled.

MAX-POWER Trap Hauler

Hands Free Dualler Plates


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Hands Free Electric Trap Hauler


Local Crab Traps - Vancouver Island

"MAX - Power" Trap Hauler!

NEW! Jan 2014~~~"MAX-Power"~~~ Electric Trap Hauler ~~~ (2 years warranty)~~~ Note! ~ Factory direct ~ Trap Puller ~ comes complete with "Hands Free" = $ 695.00

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< WEST COAST TOUGH >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All new design more power,~patented~"Hands Free"included, fixed & folds for storage. Spec's; DC 12 volt motor, 1.2 hp 900watt, 90 degree 3/4" out-put s/s oil filled gears. ( Drive Motor is Industrial, with ISO 9001 Certification ) Precision water jet cutting & engineering, CNC machined components, Covered motor, splashed shield, heavy duty on-off switch, powder coated, etc.etc.

Pull rating 125 lbs, ~ 60.1 ratio, ~ 135 ft per minute, ~ 30 in. 8-Ga wire connect.

( Will Operate ~`"Hands Free" ~ or ~ Regular assisted ) ~ Comes in Black or White! Not your average recreational - electric trap hauler - Home of the "Truely Hands Free"

<<<<<<< Less aches & pains, on shoulders, arms, hands and back etc.>>>>>>>

You-Tube Video at        (patented)

Hands Free Prawn and Crab Puller Fishing

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